Admit, you like video games, and you're not 16. You like candy crush, we know you do. So let's take gaming, and use it as a tool to learn and train. Framework has expanded our offerings to include the Gamification of Training. Let us innovate your training practices and create custom games that will not only improve information retention, but will create an exciting and collaborative work culture when on boarding. Here are some fancy stats for you.

  • Over 75% of people are Gamers.

  • Learners remember 90%, if they do the job themselves, even if only as a simulation.

  • 80% of learners say that they would be more productive if their education/training was more gamelike.

  • Achieving new levels in games, releases dopamine, which prompts excitement, encourages exploration.

  • The reward-motivated behaviour is the key to enhancing the training experience for millennials and management.

Check out a short demo of a few of the games we’ve created.