Framework now offers Interactive Branded Content! "Now what the heck is that?" You're asking yourself as you roll your eyes at the buzz word of the moment. Well roll no more, Interactive Branded Content is the coolest and most effective way to bring your brand into the hands of the people at your event, conference or at your facility! Basically we make experiences where people play motion controlled games with each other, that are geared toward your product or event.  Further to this, we also do ..get ready for it...."Immersive Experiential Marketing with Interactive Branding". It means that we physically drop people inside a simulated environment so they can physically affect that environment with their body movements (via motion tracking technology) to create a unique experience. We work with brands to determine the best creative and user experience to represent the message, interaction and brand inclusivity they want to convey. Want to feel like your having coffee in a jungle made out of screens? No problem, we can make that happen! Pretty cool, eh? Check out the videos below to get more insight into the awesome world of Interactive  Branded Content.